Best Sunscreen & Moisturizer for Acne & Wrinkles

I'm in my forties, and I've struggled with adult acne for two decades. Within the last five years, I've also had to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. I've tried absolutely everything to get rid of my acne and wrinkles, and spared no expense. In my twenties, I got the best results for my acne from antibiotics, but they started to turn my teeth yellow! In my thirties, I tried Accutane, but my ears started ringing terribly, and I had to stop after three weeks.

Finally, I got my acne (somewhat) under control by totally avoiding all dairy and processed soy, and avoiding any diet that involves fasting. This really helped! I would still get breakouts; however, they were much more manageable. 

But my wrinkles were getting worse. Prescription Retinol helped my wrinkles, but exacerbated my acne. Sunscreen was the biggest problem for me. It always made me breakout. I knew that I needed to wear it daily, but I hated putting it on. 

FINALLY, about four months ago, I started using two products that have truly helped my acne and wrinkles. Honestly, I'm still in shock that these products are working so well. To my utter surprise, I wake up most mornings without any pimples. Like I said before, I've tried everything, but these are the first products that help my wrinkles and my acne. I'm an Amazon Prime Member and an Amazon Affiliate, so I've ordered everything imaginable from Amazon, and these Neutrogena products, pictured below, are my favorites. 

The first two have been the BEST for me, but I also use the other two to complete my routine. I use the moisturizer with sunscreen (pictured first, below) every morning on my face and neck, and I use the deep wrinkle night moisturizer every night (pictured second, below). I don't use anything extra under my eyes; I use both of these all over my face, and, even though I have sensitive eyes, I've never had a problem with these. I also use the serum (third, below) as a primer under my makeup in the evenings, and I use the ultra sheer sunblock (fourth, below) on my chest, shoulders, and arms.

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