I am a huge fan of unique jewelry that is made to order. My first custom jewelry experience was an upgrade to my engagement ring. I wanted to convert my solitaire ring into a three-stone setting using the same platinum for the band. However, it was very difficult to find a jeweler who would use the same platinum to upgrade my ring. It wasn't just the cost I was concerned about; it was the sentimental value as well. I was determined to keep the same metal for my new ring. Finally, I found a wonderful jeweler who was willing to do the job (Terry at Imperial Jewelry Co.), and he's been my jeweler ever since. 

My second experience with bespoke jewelry was when I had a white and yellow gold ring made with a twisted design. I'd received the original version of the ring as a bridesmaid's gift almost a decade earlier, but the original sterling silver ring was not holding up well, and the gold-plated ends were beginning to show their age. Fortunately, my jeweler was able to replicate the ring in gold. I was extremely pleased with the results.

"Twisted" ring in white and yellow gold by imperial jewelry company, chicago, il

"Twisted" ring in white and yellow gold by imperial jewelry company, chicago, il

Over the years, I've had many beautiful pieces made to order, including initial pendants in white gold with diamonds, a channel set wedding band to compliment my three-stone ring, and a five-stone diamond ring in a platinum trellis setting. 

My most recent acquisitions were a pair of diamond halo earrings and a champagne diamond anniversary ring.

The best thing about working with your own jeweler is that the possibilities are endless. When I was trying to decide between a single or double halo for my earrings, and a white or yellow gold setting for my champagne diamond, Terry sent me pictures and videos to help me decide. As always, I was thrilled with my new treasures.

The beautiful custom jewelry featured on Girls' Guide to Glitz was made by Imperial Jewelry Company.

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