Goyard Artois PM Black with Tan Trim Bag Review: Wear and Tear


Goyard Artois PM, Black with Tan Leather Trim, Dimensions:

  • 15.5 inches L across the top, 12.5 inches L across the bottom

  • 9.5 inches H x 5.5 inches W

  • Strap Drop 8.5 inches

I have carried my Artois almost exclusively for about a year. I have the PM version, which is the smallest version, and a perfect everyday size. It has a zipper closure as well as an interior pocket, which is lacking on the Saint Louis. Here's a picture of everything I carry in my Artois on a daily basis. Everything fits easily inside with room to spare. I also frequently carry a Kindle and scarf, along with the items pictured below.

I chose one of the classic colors, Black with Tan Trim, because the tan reads a little more casual than the black. I prefer the black versions of Goyard's bags. The Chevron pattern really pops against the dark background. The grey and sky blue versions are a close second and third for me. Another benefit of the classic colors is their lower price point ($1635, January 2017) than the special colors. 

I decided against a monogram because I didn't want to wait four to six weeks. For my next purchase I will plan ahead because I love their many beautiful, hand-painted options for customization. Please note that bags that are more than three months old cannot be personalized. Once the canvas softens up, the bag can't be painted anymore. I recently checked to see if I could take my bag back to have it personalized, but that is not the case.   

After a year of almost continuous use, I am very pleased with how well my Artois has held up (pictures below). Except for scuffs along each corner, the bag still looks great. Fortunately, the scuffs aren't very noticeable because they are mostly underneath the bag. The straps have held up really well. My biggest concern originally was the possibility of cracking near the bottom of the straps, but my straps don't have a single crack, just a bit of light wrinkling. 

(UPDATED) The interior lining still looks great, and the exterior canvas looks very good, except that the chevron pattern on the lower half of the bag has begun to fade slightly from contact with my clothing on both sides. The paint on the rest of the bag is still crisp and bright, including the very bottom of the bag. I've included three new pictures that show the slight fading. I spoke to my sales associate about the fading, and she mentioned that it could be denim transfer. I wear dark denim daily, and I've carried this bag everyday for about a year. As you can see from the pictures below, my Artois still looks beautiful after a year of constant use.

To keep my bags looking good, I use a few items that are available from Amazon.com, a Girls' Guide to Glitz affiliate. 

Goyard canvas is painted, and should not be cleaned with leather-care products. I clean the canvas and leather trim with a microfiber cloth.

To refresh the leather corners, I use saddle soap (make sure the product is marked for use with handbags, like the one below, which is what I use). Saddle soap should not be used on delicate leather. It can darken the leather, which is why I use it on leather corners that are worn and faded. You can see the difference in the pictures above. In the second to last picture, I treated the corner with saddle soap. In the other pictures, the corners haven't been treated. Saddle soap also works wonders on LV canvas, but don’t use it on Goyard canvas, and always test an inconspicuous area before use. 

Finally, I use purse pillows to keep my bags in shape during storage, and a handbag organizer to keep the inside the clean.