David Yurman Petite Albion & Labyrinth Hoop Earrings with Diamonds

I vaguely recall the days when David Yurman jewelry was included in Bloomingdale's Friends & Family discount. Those were good times. But they were not to last. Ever since Yurman left the Bloomie's sale, I've rarely found new Yurman pieces on sale. That changed on a recent trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where I found two pairs of beautiful (and long-coveted) David Yurman earrings on sale.

On the second day of our Christmas vacation, as I meandered down Avenue 10 in search of a silver necklace, I came face to face with the gorgeous glass storefront of UltraJewels, an authorized David Yurman retailer.

Inside, a case of glittering Yurman jewelry was on display near the front of the store. The pieces were lovely, but nothing really caught my eye, except for a black diamond ring that was beyond my budget (or more to the point, I didn't like it enough to pay what they were asking).

The salesperson wisely didn't press me on the ring, but instead led me to another display case a little farther inside the store. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but two pairs of earrings I've longed to own: the Petite Albion Stud Earrings with Hematite and Diamonds, and the Labyrinth Hoop Earring with Diamonds. Both were on sale. It was a Christmas miracle. Scroll down for pictures of my new treasures.

David Yurman Petite Albion Earrings with Diamonds, 12 x 12mm

  • Hematite gemstone, 7 x 7mm
  • Pavé diamonds, 0.39 total carat weight

David Yurman Labyrinth Hoop Earrings with Diamonds, 30 x 30mm

  • Pavé diamonds, 0.57 total carat weight

The Petite Albion Stud Earrings with Hematite and Diamonds are available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1200.00, and the Labyrinth Hoop Earrings with Diamonds are available at David Yurman for $1950.00. If your budget is stretched a little thin this month (and whose isn't after Christmas?), I've included a few options below from Amazon.com, a Girls' Guide to Glitz affiliate. 

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